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    What is RealFit?

    RealFit is a program unique to VIP Mortgage, created for loan officers to increase their purchase business. Plain and simple. By utilizing all the programs and products in RealFit, loan officers can gain more referral partners which in turn helps to grow their business. VIP believes in serving loan officers and RealFit is just one more way to make that happen.

    Jason Fremouw

    As a loan officer, you are faced with obstacles to business every day. And, in today’s exceptionally unique climate, those obstacles have never been more real.

    RealFit is a program designed to help you help yourself. From increasing your referral business to effectively using the available tech tools, you will not find a more comprehensive program.

    I have over 20 years of mortgage industry experience under my belt and I am proud to share my knowledge, in conjunction with the RealFit program, to other loan officers. The products, programs, and tools included in RealFit have allowed me to double my business within the last year and I am on a record past for this year as well!

    Please check out these videos and make sure to reach out to me with any questions.

    Introductions and expectations of the RealFit program

    Toolbelt item: MMI and how to identify target referral partners

    How to make an introductory sales call, articulate your value proposition, and qualify your borrowers

    SPEAR – Operational Workflow

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